VISION: To become a global education player with Ghana as our base, West Africa as our hub, and expand across Africa.

 MISSION: To develop programmes that will prepare students to meet the academic, social and professional demands of the globalised world.

 MOTTO: In pursuit of excellence.


The Ace School of Languages is located at Abeka Lapaz in Accra. The school is the language centre of Ace Educational Services, which  was established in 2011 with the aim of promoting the teaching of modern languages, especially English as a foreign language. The school is approved by the Ghana Education Service and has high standards of language training that are tailored towards helping individuals pursue and accomplish their goals.

The programmes are structured to help students overcome language barriers and also to equip them with effective communication skills. Furthermore, there are specialized courses related to business, academia, governance, tourism, finance and other areas. It is appreciated that language barriers can be a hindrance to effective communication. Therefore, the training provided at the school is aimed at ensuring that challenges that individuals face with regard to language and communication skills will no longer be a hindrance to their progress.

Emphasis is laid on effective written and oral communication. The instructors are professionals, experienced in the teaching of languages and they work effectively in teams to promote the vision and mission of the school.

The school is equipped with modern facilities to provide a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive. Furthermore, the school is committed to academic excellence and to developing in students an awareness of their potential. At the school, students are given the best language learning experience, with an emphasis on reading, writing and conversation.

A very high standard of delivery of language courses that meet the needs of language learners is guaranteed. At present, the languages that are taught at the institution are English, French, Spanish and Ghanaian languages. Special courses are designed to meet the needs of individuals or groups that require special tuition in order to fulfill the needs of the business community and promote effective communication in English and French.

Such groups include corporate bodies and professional bodies. Furthermore, the school offers vacation classes, small group classes, special courses for junior high school and senior high school leavers, one-on-one tutoring, home tuition and corporate training.Courses are also offered in preparation for international exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. The regular language courses are taught at the pre-beginners, beginners, lower intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels.

Students are given the option of taking regular language classes (3 hours daily) or intensive classes (5 hours daily, including two hours of oral lessons). There are also short-term immersion courses held for one week and above. Certificates are awarded at the end of each course.

 The courses are purposed to:

  • Enable non-speakers of the language to have an adequate knowledge of it in preparation for further studies in institutions where the language is the medium of instruction.
  • Enable non-speakers to acquire a working knowledge of the language.
  • Enable non-speakers to build confidence in communication in the language.
  • Strengthen the language skills of persons who already speak the language in order to assist them improve upon their written and oral communication in the language.

The school regularly evaluates its goals and explores ways of advancing its teaching methods, maintaining an environment where innovation is encouraged. The teaching approach is competency-based and the best materials, methods and innovative technology are used to ensure effective language teaching.

Hostel facilities are available for students.